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It's unfortunate, but millions of people will suffer from back pain at some time in their lives. And, if that's happening to you, your lifestyle is not what it should or could be. Perhaps your back condition is preventing you from doing simple things like putting on your shoes, holding your child or being a part of enjoyable family activities. Maybe it gets in the way of your work, your golf game, and your fitness activities. Maybe it even stops you from climbing a mountain-if that's your inclination.

Your concern is my concern. My goal is to make you better without surgery, without injections and without drugs.

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a revoutionary treatment that is safe and effective and is used in conditions such as: herniated and bulging discs, facet syndromes, degenerative joint disease and sciatica. Laser Enhanced Spinal Decompression is a unique combination of healing technology. We reduce bulging and disc herniation using non-surgical Spinal Decompression treatments and also heal the damaged disc using Cold Laser Therapy. Not everyone is a candidate for Lumbar or Cervical Decompression Therapy, but those who do qualify will have a good chance to return to work sooner and have a chance to significantly improve their lifestyle. I encourage you to learn more about this breakthrough therapy. 

Our website will give you the complete facts about Spinal Decompression Therapy including published studies that support its effectiveness. Plus, you can watch a short video about spinal decompression therapy that features actual patients who have been helped by the treatment.

If you need any additional information, please call our office at 519-355-0808 and ask to speak to Dr. Stephen Zavitz. That's right, he'll talk to you personally in order to help you make the right decision.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spinal Decompression Therapy?


Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical traction based treatment outcome for herniated or bulging discs in the neck and lower back.

Anyone who has back, neck, arm or leg pain may be helped by spinal decompression therapy.




How many spinal decompression sessions will be needed and are they painful?

The number of sessions needed and your specific treatment plan will be determined by the doctor after your examination.

In almost all cases, the treatments are completely painless. In fact, some patients fall asleep during the spinal decompression session.

What type of decompression system is used and are the doctors certified in spinal decompression therapy?

After a significant amount of research, Dr. Zavitz chose the Triton DTS Spinal Decompression System.

In regard to clinical skills, Dr. Stephen Zavitz has completed the Kennedy Decompression Technique course work and passed the qualifying examination to achieve the status of "Certified Practitioner" in spinal decompression therapy.

What Makes Spinal Decompression Therapy so Effective?


Doctor skill combined with the table and computerized traction head are the keys.

Proper assessment, correct positioning and the use of preprogrammed patterns of distraction and relaxation may reduce disc pressure allowing necessary nutrients to enliven and accelerate disc healing.



Who can benefit from Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Anyone who has back pain or neck pain caused in whole or in part by a damaged disc may be helped by spinal decompression therapy.

These conditions include herniated, protruding or bulging discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica or even failed surgery.



Are there medical studies that document the effectiveness of Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Yes! One study documented by MRI up to 90% reduction of disc herniations in 10 of 14 cases and other studies reported that the majority of herniated disc patients achieved "good" to "excellent" results after spinal decompression therapy.

Click here to read more research.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is completely safe and very effective in decreasing symptoms by reducing inflammation and swelling around the disc and joints and providing significant pain relief.

Are there conditions where Spinal Decompression Therapy is not indicated?

Spinal decompression therapy is not recommended for pregnant women, patients who have severe osteoporosis, severe obesity or severe nerve damage.

Spinal surgery with instrumentation (screws, metal plates or “cages”) is also contraindicated. However, spinal decompression therapy after bone fusion or non-fusion surgery, can be performed.


Will Insurance Cover the Cost of My Spinal Decompression Program?

Most insurance plans provide coverage for the cost of our spinal decompression program for whatever your Chiropractic coverage allows. While reimbursement can vary, your out-of-pocket expense for all needed services could be as little as your co-payment.

If you do not have health insurance, we recommend Medicard. Contact Medicard today to set up your coverage plan.

Do most patients receive therapy and rehabilitative exercises in addition to Spinal Decompression Therapy?


To reduce inflammation and assist the healing process, supporting structures are treated with passive therapies (ice/heat/muscle stimulation), chiropractic adjustments (as indicated) and/or active rehabilitation in order to strengthen the spinal musculature.




How do I get started?

We want to make it easy for you to learn if you are a candidate for spinal decompression therapy. Just call our office at 519-355-0808 to arrange a personal consult with Dr. Stephen Zavitz.

Please remember to bring any MRI reports so Dr. Zavitz can review them and best advise you about your treatment options.




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